How to Apply

We appreciate your interest in our camp and want you to find our application process as simple as possible.

To help guide you through the application process please read all the information below and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email for more guidance.


  1. Review the calendar and determine which camp will best suit the needs of your family.
  2. Click on the link below and apply online to hold a placement in the camp of your choice:

You will need your camper’s care card number. If applying from outside of BC, you will need to provide details of medical insurance as part of your application. This can be sent after your online application is completed.

You will need to provide details of a person who can be reached in an emergency who your camper knows and you trust to have care of your camper if necessary. Of course you will be contacted first in an emergency situation.

When your application is completed, simply close the browser and the form will be sent. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you specified. This will confirm the details of your application and provide you with information regarding the next steps to the application.

Autism Funding
If you will be paying for your camp fees with Autism Funding, please submit a “request to pay” with your application. You will be given all the information you need to complete the details in the confirmation email that is sent when you have completed the online form.  Eureka Camp Society will submit the information and The Ministry will issue a billing number. An invoice will be submitted automatically at the end of your camp(s) of choice.


Next Steps

So that we can provide the best possible experience for your camper we ask for information from other sources. The links below will take you to those information forms. All the forms will also be available through links in your confirmation email. Your application will not be completed until we receive all the information. Please note they are forms that can be saved to your computer and then completed and emailed or printed. Do not complete the form from the online link as the information you enter will not be saved.

For new campers only

Getting to know your camper – this is a great opportunity to help us understand who your camper is and what your hopes and expectations are for this experience.

Download Getting to Know Your Camper

School/Community Form – the information you provide helps us understand how your camper interacts with peers and the kind of support that his going to give them the best possible opportunity for success.

Download School/Community Form

All Campers

  1. Medical form – this can be completed by a GP or other doctor of your choice. This information is particularly useful for our Health Director. It is required regardless of whether your camper is taking medication.
Download Medical Questionnaire
  1. Photo – this helps us get to know your camper before we meet and also is kept on file for emergency purposes. Passport size is fine and can be sent either by email or mail.
Email Your Camper Photo

Final Steps

All the information you have sent is reviewed and we contact you by email as soon as possible after the application is complete. When your registration is confirmed, you will also receive an invoice for the balance of camp fees. Please note that while the online application does hold your camp of choice, it is important to send all information as soon as possible. It is anticipated that this should take about 2 weeks. If it is likely to be longer, please call our office .

Camp Fees

Eureka Camp Society works hard to raise funds to help offset the cost of our program and is proud to offer rates that are already subsidized thanks to the generosity of our community partners. However we also know that many families have challenges that make it very difficult to pay the full amount requested. If you would like more information about our subsidy program please go to the Camp Subsidy page.

See Camp Fee Subsidy Information