Camp Life

See some of our campers and staff enjoying camp activities.

New campers are often a little nervous about coming to camp for the first time. While we do our best to make each camper feel comfortable, here is a little advance information to help prepare your camper.

Overnight Camp:

Campers are housed in cabins with a washroom. There are approximately 6-8 campers in each cabin separated into boys and girls. Each cabin group will be teamed up with 2 or 3 cabin staff who will be with the campers 24 hours a day.

After waking up all campers will get ready for the day and head off to the main dining hall for breakfast. After breakfast cabin groups will spend the day together and enjoy various activities such as canoeing, fishing, archery, high and low ropes (depending on age), arts and crafts, swimming and free time. Each activity is assigned a time and cabin groups are given prior notice of what activities will take place that day and when.

Lunch is again in the dining hall. Our campers usually sit together and have lunch family style. This means that cabin staff will bring the lunch to the table and then assist the campers with getting their lunch. Many times our campers will sit outside weather permitting. This is to provide an environment that is quieter for our campers who may have some sensory challenges with the noise in the dining hall.

After lunch is cabin time and then more activities. There are snacks served and after all activities are completed for the day portion of the program, dinner is then served, again at the dining hall. There is always an evening snack available for those campers who may be hungry or whose medication may suppress their appetite during the day.

Our evening program is a time when our camp comes together and talks about the day. We play games and complete challenges as cabin groups to reinforce team work and a sense of community. Merit awards are given to share accomplishments and empower campers to acknowledge the triumphs of their camp mates.

Opportunities for showers are provided by cabin group and put into the schedule as required.

There are times when favourite activities are scheduled and will be in place of a planned activity – this can include more time at the water if the weather is hot or quiet time for those who would prefer a less busy pace.

All activities are “challenge by choice”. This means that while encouragement and support will always be given, campers are not forced to participate in an activity. For safety reasons, however, they may be required to stay with their group and perhaps choose to read or chat instead.

Lights out varies by age group. Often cabin groups take this opportunity to play quiet games or read or just hang out. Adult supervision continues throughout the night.

Day Camp:

Activities at Day Camp are very similar to mainstream day programs. The group is small and staff to camper ratio is high – usually 3 campers to each staff person. Programs are planned to emphasize a particular aspect of social interaction. We support our campers as they learn about friendship building and how to interact within a group of their peers. Trips to various locations are planned for at least 2 of each 5 day camp and can include Playland, Science World, the beach etc. The day begins at 9.00 am and ends at 3.00 pm. Optional care is available from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.