Camp Information

Our Camp Program

A Supportive Community
Our residential camp is a community whose entire purpose is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for our campers. The camp’s activities and programs promote positive interaction to encourage self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence. Because many invisible disabilities interfere with the abilities of campers to practice appropriate social interaction without support, we provide opportunities throughout the day to practice self-organization, group membership, self-responsibility, peer friendship and relationship building. For their time at camp, campers receive the benefit of a supportive and consistent environment involving children and adults learning new skills together.

Opportunity for a Fresh Start
At Eureka Outdoor Camp we focus on the non-academic challenges associated with invisible disabilities. Children at camp can focus on learning new skills not dependent on academic performance and find new ways to connect with their peers and make new friends. We provide a range of high interest activities that will encourage campers to learn new skills and build their self-confidence. Camp gives families a break from each other. It also provides an opportunity for parents and campers to re-orient their relationship and break with patterns they wish to change.

Overnight Camp: Each camper lives in a cabin with approximately 6-8 campers of similar age, supervised by 2-3 staff. Boys and girls are grouped in separate cabins. The daily schedule contains a variety of activities that are all used to help benefit the social development of each camper. Our program areas are flexible and are responsive to the needs and interests of campers and the unique contributions of staff.

Day Camp: Hosted in partnership with Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver (LDAV),  day camp provides a fun space for children with invisible disabilities to build friendships and practice social skills. We provide a safe and caring environment with a high staff to child ratio to ensure children are well supported. With crafts, games and trips to local attractions, children enjoy a recreation environment built just for them. Each day children are introduced to a social skills concept such as empathy, being a good listener, personal body space, and use activities throughout the day to consciously explore these themes.

The Program

The following elements are characteristic of our program:
  • A highly structured program especially with regard to daily routines.
  • Consistent leadership, supervision and direction with simple rules with regard to appropriate behaviour.
  • The use of natural and logical consequences for encouraging behaviour rather than punishment.
  • Activities are designed to encourage challenge by choice and encourage cooperation rather than competition.