Our Board of Directors

Eureka Camp Society is managed by a volunteer board of directors who work hard to make sure that our programs reflect the needs of our families. As well as reviewing and monitoring fiscal matters, they also work hard to raise funds so that fees can be kept as manageable as possible. They also work to provide subsidy funds so that families, who would otherwise be unable to participate because of financial hardship, can do so.

Our Executive Director

Liz Keres has been with Eureka Camp Society for over 20 years and has seen first-hand the beneficial effect the program can have for children who are struggling in their daily lives.

“I have always appreciated how dedicated families are in trying to find the right programs for a child who struggles so hard to fit in. I am proud of what Eureka is able to offer families and I know that our staff provide a safe, caring and fun time for campers”.

Liz has been able to get to know many families as it is not unusual for campers to attend camp for 5 or more years. If you are not sure about the program, or want to discuss the particular needs your child may have, call Liz, chances are she will have some ideas for you and will help you make the best decision for your family.

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