About Eureka Camp

Eureka Outdoor Camp is operated by Eureka Camp Society. The Society has been offering outdoor recreational programs for children and adolescents with invisible disabilities since 1980.

We raise funds each year to support our summer programs. Although our fees cover less than half of our costs, sometimes even that is too much for some families, so we also raise funds to provide extra subsidies where needed.

Our philosophy is to give children a sense of accomplishment, and to experience success in whatever they choose to do. We do not provide religious or academic training. Our focus is on the outdoors and activities associated with fostering an appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Campers are offered a chance to try new skills and make friends in an emotionally safe and friendly environment. Our staff has a good understanding of invisible disabilities and the challenges they create and have many opportunities to work closely with each camper to support, encourage and celebrate every success.


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